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Robert Patrick Fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Robert Patrick Fans

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[19 Sep 2011|10:03am]

Robert Patrick Fan Forum. Let's register and feel free!

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2011 ROBERT PATRICK BIRTHDAY PROJECT [04 Sep 2011|11:12am]

To celebrate Robert’s birthday November 5th, 2011, we from Robert-Patrick.WS are holding a birthday project for all Robert fans to submit their messages, artwork, video, etc and the staff will put this all together. If you would like to congratulate Robert, please read rules and filling the form.

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Support! [28 Aug 2011|04:05pm]


Please, support our Robert Patrick WS

Robert Patrick WS on Facebook

Page of "Robert-Patrick.WS" Vkontakte.Ru

Group "Robert Patrick (Robert-Patrick.WS)" Vkontakte.Ru

Robert Patrick LJ community


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Update @ Robert Patrick WS [25 Aug 2011|02:46pm]

Attention! New event! An Evening with Hal Holbrook in conversation with Robert Patrick discussing his memoir Harold: The Boy Who Became Mark Twain (September 8, 2011 - Track 16 at Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA). Check out the details!

Hello from Robert Patrick! Read more!
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Update @ Robert Patrick WS [17 Aug 2011|11:30am]

 Gallery updated with new screencaps from the movie "Hollywood boulevard II" (1989). This caps is much better quality but they are still made from VHS video.

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Anyone willing to make/did make Fire in the Sky icons? [29 Jul 2011|10:05am]

I've been trying to find Robert icons on here and I've found some really nice ones but a lot of them aren't showing up! :( But I REALLY wanna find ones from Fire in the Sky. He is the cutest redneck EVER! Teehee! If you guys can make some that would be great and much appreciated!!!! :D
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Barbara Patrick Web Site [12 Jul 2011|12:44pm]

Please visit our new site! 

Today we opened Barbara Patrick Web Site (part of Robert Patrick WS). Welcome to the website of actress and Robert's wife. Here you will find the latest news, information, photos and more!

I would like to thank to everyone who is visiting the site. If you would like to get in contact with us about anything please fill in the form.

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Black waters of Echo's Pond [04 Jul 2011|11:49am]

The gallery has been updated with low quality screencaps of Robert's performance in "Black waters of Echo's Pond" (2010). Movie was released on DVD officially in Thailand, but still not available on DVD in USA. Hopefully we will see those in better quality one day. Reyes Phile, thank you for help with the movie and screen captures!

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Unit Season 4 [16 Jun 2011|10:39am]

 I've added over 2000 hi-definition 1280x720 captures of Robert from his role as Colonel Tom Ryan in The Unit Season 4. Enjoy and please leave your comments in our the chat box! I would appreciate your reply!

4.01 Sacrifice 
4.02 Sudden Flight
4.03 Sex Trade
4.04 The Conduit
4.05 Dancing Lessons
4.06 Inquisition
4.07 Into Hell: Part One
4.08 Into Hell: Part Two
4.09 Shadow Riders
4.10 Mislead and Misguided
4.11 Switchblade
4.12 Bad Beat
4.13 The Spear of Destiny
4.14 The Last Nazi
4.15 Hero
4.16 Hill 60
4.17 Flesh & Blood
4.18 Best Laid Plans
4.19 Whiplash
4.20 Chaos Theory
4.21 Endgame
4.22 Unknown Soldier
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Red Faction: Origins [06 Jun 2011|07:57pm]

Gallery updated with 160 sreencaps from one of the new movies - "Red Faction: Origins"!

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Wallpaper [09 May 2011|04:00pm]

 I've added wonderful wallpaper (1600x1200) by sagitta! Thanks for your amazing fanart, darling!

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[30 Apr 2011|01:30am]

Robert Patrick attended 2011 Newport Beach Film Festival - Opening Night at Edwards Big Newport on April 28, 2011 in Newport Beach, California.

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Happy Birthday, agent Doggett! [04 Apr 2011|11:42am]


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"The Black Waters of Echo's Pond" Petition [01 Apr 2011|09:33pm]

Read the Release "The Black Waters of Echo's Pond"! Petition, Please! 

This petition is to have the movie "The Black Waters of Echo's Pond" released to DVD. This movie has been sitting on the shelf for over 4 years, and while it did get a theatrical run on April 9th, 2009, it was short lived. The movie did not generate a lot of money in theaters, but talking with people at recent horror movie conventions (HHW) there is a lot of interest in releasing this. Please put "THE BLACK WATERS OF ECHO'S POND" out for everyone who couldn't see it in theaters a chance to see it and people like me who did see it a chance to see it again and again. Thank you.

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"Good day for it" screen caps! [01 Apr 2011|03:09pm]

Gallery updated with screen caps from new Robert's movie "Good day for it". Patrick is main carachter! Watch and enjoy :)
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Doggett's Birthday [13 Mar 2011|11:42am]

April 4 is John Doggett's birthday! 

Robert Patrick WS invite all the volunteers to celebrate the birthday together!

If you have any cards, collages, fan-fics or other art, you can send it on RPWS e-mail. Deadline for submissions - April 2, 2011. On April 4 all materials will be published on site.

e-mail: robertpatricksite@gmail.com
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Robert Patrick on "Big Love" [27 Feb 2011|01:32pm]

5.02 "A Seat at the Table" 


click to view gallery

5.06 "D.I.V.O.R.C.E."


click to view gallery

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WE MOVED! [28 Jul 2010|05:57pm]



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Robert fans unite at XFU! [04 May 2008|12:06pm]

Hey all!

In an effort to get more Robert/Doggett fans over on a general X-Files forum, I'm posting to invite you all over to Damien's X-Files Ultimate - The Friendly Forums:


There aren't a whole lot of Robert fans on the forum and the ones that are there just lost out on getting a folder specifically for Robert on the landing page of the board due to being outnumbered. It was a close call, but ultimately one that plugged a RP folder within a OTHERS folder instead of on the landing page - which I found insulting as Robert (and Annabeth for that matter) are the lead actors of the last two seasons of "The X-Files" and I think they deserve a place of discussion directly on the main page of this forum (especially when a folder for discussing a THIRD XF movie, yes, you read that right, a THIRD XF movie) has been created and is on the main page of this forum, yet folders for Robert and Annabeth are hidden being the OTHERS folder.

Damien has said that if there are enough topics in the Robert Patrick folder that he would bump it to the main page, so I'm reaching out to you Robert Patrick fans to join up on XFU and help make this happen. This XFU forum is in desperate need of more pro-Robert/Doggett fans.

If you are afraid of joining up on a general XF forum for whatever reason I would like to say that in comparison to other general XF forums that the XFU forum is a very nice place to get together and discuss "The X-Files" with other fans. Previous to joining myself I had sworn off joining general XF forums which I did not moderate. And outside of being outnumbered in being a fan of Robert/Doggett it's not bad at all, but it does get lonely there. So if you've got the time, come on over there and join. If you don't have the time pass the URL onto any other Robert/Doggett fans that you know and let them know it'd be great if they could join and help bring the respect to Robert/Doggett that he deserves on a XF forum that claims to be "friendly" towards all types of fans.

Thank you.


(dana doggett on XFU)
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Icons/Avatars: "Patience" (D&S) [05 Mar 2008|06:06pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I just finished making these. Enjoy!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

V is for victory...Collapse )

- credit sakushachan
- comment if you like/if you save any
- do not hotlink
- enjoy

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